Letters from dumb dumbs




I answer important questions with FAQ, but still get email anyway. Here is what dumb dumbs write to me.

Subject: not stupid question
From: Michael T

So, how sales go?

Thank you for email.

Your subject true. Not stupid question -- nosy question!

Other woman today who think she MBA graduate ask, "What is your profit margin and sales volume?" I wonder if she ask Van Gogh how much he pay for paint?

People buy haiku boulders, but others think site is only a joke and not real. Site definitely real, and artwork is very good.Customers who buy art already know this.

Artist create something while critic only complain. Life of artist is hard, but more satisfying than life of critic.


Subject: for me
From: =Floz=20Hills

To whom it may concern, I know this is a bit of a wierd query ... but i feel for some reason you may be able to understand and help me out... I have a facination with toilet paper .... but not just any normal toilet paper ... all kinds. I have been to places where their toilet paper differs from ours here in australia ... and was wondering (at a cost, i know this is an expensive exercise) if you could make an origami boulder out of 7 different clumps of toilet paper ... each clump beign from a different country. I would be more than happy to supply Australian for you. Could you please give me a rough estimate of the costs for this please. I am unsure i will be able to afford it but am intregued. Thankyou and look forward to hearing from you soon :) Floz

Not sure if you making fun of me, but I give you serious reply. Charge for custom boulder is us$25, so not too expensive. You also have to pay to ship materials to me in USA. However, toilet paper bad material to make boulder and I think different types of toilet paper end up coming apart during mail journey, ruining artwork. Try making boulder from toilet paper yourself and you see what I mean. Regular paper hold shape when wadded, but not toilet paper. So willingness to make artwork tempered by explanation that artwork probably not successful with toilet paper. Thank you for interest.


Subject: You got to be kidding!!!
From: "David R. H, Ph.D"

Are you for real???

You call yourself Ph.D and still ask same question from FAQ?

Maybe I should get Ph.D too. Must not be too difficult or require reading comprehension.

Site is real. Artwork is real. Order and see for yourself.


Subject: please help...
From: voidroyal

g'day. i was wondering if you could please teach me the fine art of origami boulders. i tried to make one today at work but it fuck up and it just looked like a piece of scrunched up paper... please tell me how to get the perfect wad. PLEASE.... i need to know.... my friend is a pro paper wadder and i want to be taught form the best (you) so i can make boulders better than him!!! some day i hope to be representing my country in the origami paper wadding boulder paper scrunching championships, but only with your help. what is the secret? :D thank you for you time love your work. maybe you could puplish a book titled, "How to wadd your paper real good - A guide to origami boulders" just a thought... :) cya!~ -Cinqmar's wife.

I find email from you offensive.

When other people wad paper, they make trash. Only when I wad paper does it become artwork. If you don't believe me, then try for exhibition of friend's wadded paper and see what happens.

So many people treat artist like his work some kind of big joke or something easily duplicated, but art is quite serious and real, and customers who purchase art know this.

Origami Boulder not technically origami piece. Origami enthusiast treat artist with scorn and send angry email because they think I disrespect origami.

Origami Boulder artwork is original concept that merge paper sculpture, origami and poetry into single new artform.

Subject: too funny
From: OnoryAssRed

I believe my entire world is made up of wadded up paper! Maybe you should market this to corporate offices....You would get lots of art supplies there! Have a great day.

Thanks for email.

I think you truly understand art, because you expand concept to see artwork in places where other people do not.

Not many people have gift to think conceptually like this, so be proud of ability. You would make good curator or gallery owner. Maybe even good artist, who knows!


Subject: stupid
From: Wendy H N

Your stupid idea is very novel. One question. Why do you write like a Chinese person who can't speak English very well. It is highly insulting to anyone of Japanese heritage. Even Japanese with little English skills, don't talk that way. So it's obviously you not Japanese. Just a dumb white guy.

Thank you for email.

Web site never say I Japanese or Chinese, also not say that I not. I don't ask if customers male, female, Indian, African, Mexican or homo, because it irrelevant. Artwork not about race, although art form inspired by wonderful Japanese culture and history.

I recommend you make big issue and tell everyone about evil site. Then I get famous like idiot Eminem rapper and sell so much artwork I retire this summer.

Sorry to hear you think white people so stupid, and Chinese people insulting to Japanese. I like all races, as long as they buy artwork.

I recommend you take course on racial understanding.


Subject: Re: stupid
From: Wendy H N

And how do you know what race I am????? It is simply a fact that no Japanese person talks like that. Some Chinese people do, which doesn't make them stupid. I find any characterization of foreign nationals using the broken English you obviously think sounds foreign xenophobic and so typically American to think that make fun of those who are not native English speakers. Your web site is funny, but the attempt at sounding foreign is not. IT IS RACIST!!

I never say what race you are because I have no idea and frankly don't care.

I only say, "Sorry to hear you think white people so stupid, and Chinese people insulting to Japanese." I say that because you say, "Why do you write like a Chinese person who can't speak English very well. It is highly insulting to anyone of Japanese heritage." and you also say "Just a dumb white guy."

My response in general and not specific because you never say your mystery race, just as I don't say my.

One suspect from first email though that someone has bias against Chinese and white people, and that someone certainly not me.

You try very hard to invent racism and xenophobia when none exist. Maybe if you try this hard to make own art, you be famous by now like me and not just bitter email critic.

I hope you have successful and happy life, even if you hate me for bad writing ability, know-it-all personality and artistic genius.


Subject: (no subject)
From: "Elizabeth"

why on earth would someone want to buy this? what real value does it have? and why would u want to devote your life to crumpling up paper?

Thank you for email.

Famous saying: "In judging others, folks will work overtime for no pay."

I think you working overtime, and I certainly not pay you.

Art not about "value" but about beauty. One day when you learn this, maybe you begin to understand art.


Subject: I have visited ORIGAMIBOULDER.COM and noticed that ...
From: "Vanessa Lintner" vanessa@seekercenter.net

Hello, I have visited origamiboulder.com and noticed that your website is not listed on some search engines. I am sure that through our service the number of people who visit your website will definitely increase. SeekerCenter is a unique technology that instantly submits your website to over 500,000 search engines and directories -- a really low-cost and effective way to advertise your site. For more details please go to SeekerCenter.net. Give your website maximum exposure today! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Vanessa Lintner
Sales & Marketing

Thank you for email.

I have visit seekercenter.net and notice you not yet Origami Boulder customer. Become art patron today and buy famous artwork from wadded paper artist.

Appreciation of art key to life happiness.


From: billing
Subject: Important Hosting Account Notice

Dear Origami Boulder,
This is to notify you that the allowed MB of Data Transfer per month for www.origamiboulder.com has been exceeded. You must take action now to prevent your site from being redirected. Please purchase additional data transfer.
PLEASE NOTE: If your web site data transfer usage reaches 5 times the allowed amount of data transfer for this billing period OR if you have not taken action within 5 days of the initial notice (whichever comes first), your web site will be redirected.
Thank you for being a Customer.

Thanks for email.

People complain my sales technique too pushy, but at least I not threaten people!

Maybe I rewrite site to say, "You must take action now to buy Origami Boulder to prevent computer from stop visit all other web site!" Then maybe more visitor become customer instead of just Looky Loo who steal bandwidth from artist.


Subject: I know why you exceed bandwidth, dumb-dumb.
From: "Buzz, Chip, and Melvin"

I know why you exceed bandwidth, dumb-dumb. www.worstoftheweb.com

I write haiku for you:

Make wadded paper
stick inside emtpy noggin
for lack of good brain

-- Chip
Worst of the Web

Thank you for insults.

Famous saying, "All press is good press."

Artist hope saying based on truth.


Subject: Origami Boulders.
From: "Steve"

Dear sir: I find your web site and concept of art to be most compelling. I would love to order one of your boulders but unfortunately I own two cats. These cats are MOST evil!! When I first acquired these cats I was working in a warehouse picking orders and of course not making much money. The cats decided that they wanted a nicer place to live as well as more and nicer material possessions. While I slept they used their insidious mental abilities to force me to go to college and obtain a B.S. in computer science. Just so I could make more money to buy them nicer things!!! Anyway, I now have a house, a nice new car and a motorcycle which I must use as often as possible to save money on gas so I can have more money to spend on the cats. The cats have WAY too many toys and enjoy luxurious meals while I am forced to eat Mac and cheese 3 times a day, day in and day out. My only source of amusement is playing solitaire with a 10 year old deck of cards which the cats purchased for me at a garage sale used. I saw your web site and the cats mentally projected to me that I can't have an origami boulder because they want some new toys. I don't understand why they want new toys as they NEVER play with store bought toys. All they will play with is used Kleenex and old pop bottle tops. I'm so confused!!! I want an origami boulder!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!


Thanks for email.

Artist think cats really want you buy artwork because cat often like to ruin origami boulder by batting with claws.

Maybe cat playing with origami boulder become new art form like Koko gorilla paintings. Probably performance art you call Death To Origami.

Then you start famous exhibition like Why Cats Paint.

Good thing artist explain to you what cats really want.


From: "Bonnie A"

To whom ever, what ever, where ever: I think we've established that none of the above is relevant. Nice job. Love the site. Jealous of the concept. My only question: WHAT IS THE TITLE OF YOUR THESIS? If it were of any value, I would award you with an honorary doctorate. This Phd's for you:)

Thank you for email and offer of honorary doctorate.

You kind of like spam guy who send email every day about master's or Ph.D degree base on "life experience" that key to riches and job improvement. Only you not ask for money or make artist call phone number and listen to stupid voicemail recording, which refreshing but maybe naive.

Thesis called, "Lateralization Effects of Language, Bilingualism, and Culture: A Dichotic Study of English, Japanese, English-Japanese, and Japanese-English Speakers and their Haiku Origami Boulder Art Creations."


Subject: Stupid
From: Hiddentreasures

Your the stupid one and the dumb one if you think I would even buy anything from you. I guess what they say about the USA is true they will give anybody the freedom to do as they please, my suggestion to you is learn the language buddy your product is worst than your english. Oh but I forgot your quote " most people to stupid to understand" well I guess that includes you too. LOL ( laugh out loud in case you don't know the lingo.) Do yourself a favor and get a life.

Thank you for email.

"Get a life" comment interesting, since you must have no thing do better than send insult email to web sites. At least artist get paid for art. Who pay you to waste time with pointless insult?

Famous saying is "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." Even artist who still work on learn language know this.

Artist think you probably more interested in art like poster of kittens playing poker or Velvet Elvis and Origami Boulder too highbrow and expensive for you.

Only person who never learn foreign language say something like "Learn the language buddy." Maybe you try one day and see it not done overnight. Then someone treat you like idiot for bad language ability and you see how others feel.


Subject: Mail fraud
From: Robert Goldstein rgold28@yahoo.com
To: utc@ftc.gov

cc: sales@origamiboulder.com

I saw this site on the net http://www.origamiboulder.com and i do believe that they were innvolved in defrauding consumers and they professed in the ad that they were shipping this by USPS Priority Mail. They are offering a wadded up paper art piece for $10 and i do believe the most naive of consumers may be taken by this. I sell merchandise on eBay and would never attempt to take advantage of consumers in this way. Calling this, art is fraud and the individual knows this. He has even began to make it into a joke which he is being payed to perpetuate. If consumers pay $10 for this they are being ripped off. I believe you have a duty to investigate this. They have also been spamming us and this is how we received this e-mail. I wish to not receive this kind of unsolicited e-mail in the future. Thanks Rob

It crime to make up lies to FTC and USPS.

Artwork quite real, even if you don't like.

Lies about spam called libel, and actionable in court.


Subject: Boulder
From: Mark.A

do you have the layaway. I can maybe pay 20% upfront and make monthly payments. Hoe much for a small boulder? let me get a pebble one for 99 cents

Thanks for email.

No layaway, but rent to own possible. Costs just $2 per month for 36 months for very own Haiku Boulder.

Now you can own famous artwork with small monthly payment. First payment include contract fee for rent to own and just $6.


Subject: How many pet rocks do you own?
From: Toni D

How many pet rocks do you own?



From: "Timothy T"

Have you seen Jeremy Shafer's wonderful monolithic Rubblestone Boulder. This is one of the most beautiful works of art I have ever seen. Do you think you could make one as beautiful as his. Exactly how many people have purchased one of your 'unique' art works.

I become insane with disappointment to see someone else have similar thing that evidently independent idea and not copy of me.

I originally think your email just big lie until Google search for Jeremy Shafer show picture of piece you describe.

Must admit his origami quite beautiful and ornate. He true origami genius and deserve respect of everyone, including artist. Buy origami genius book now!!!

Main difference that Jeremy true origami practitioner and each piece from him actual origami. My work inspired by origami and haiku artforms, then combined to become art instead of actual origami. Subtle difference, but also true.


Subject: Re: origami boulders
From: Helen K

True origami
This is conceptual art Boulder
with haiku Hello.

I'm not a very good poet. But I can very much appreciate the thought and concept of a haiku hidden within the origami boulders. When I looked closely at each one of my boulders, I could see a few little bits of writing. This made me laugh--the idea is so original, and I like the hidden meanings that I have to think about by myself. I have moved the boulders around to many places so far: sitting next to stone sculptures, next to Northwest coast Native American carvings, next to blown glass. But now I think that I've found the place: sitting next to an old Japanese bronze Buddha. they look very good there. And perhaps the haiku inside will also have some meaning for the Buddha. I'm so very pleased with the boulders that you made. You're a very original and creative artist.


Helen K


Subject: A Question
From: " Daniel [IT] Citigroup"

Do you use any origami "skill" to produce the origami boulder, or do you simply screw up a piece of paper?


Do use any IT "skill" to help employees at Citigroup with network problem or broken computers, or do you simply surf web all day and write useless email to artists like all other lazy IT do-nothing loafers?

You probably too busy playing Quake on Linux box to get work done and send condescending email to people who actually need computer to work. Always suspect IT people just surf web all day, and many emails I get from people like you prove theory true.

If laziness ever become art form, then IT people become greatest artists world ever know.


Subject: Hi Origami Boulder Paper Person
From: "Shonagah C"

It is worth my time to tell you from Australia, that you are full of shit!!!!!!!!!

It always worth your time in Australia, because time have no value in such terrible place.

Watch out for poisonous animal, riptide and shark and try not to get lost in horrible outback.

Probably not possible to appreciate art or say nice things in country founded by convicts, so artist not blame you for bad taste and bad manners.


Subject: What a dumbass website
From: "V, Jeffrey"
Cc: "A, Craig"

Your website is so stupid, who in their right mind would pay money for trash. I don't think I will be seeing you on Forbes 500 list in the near future. "Hi I sell crumbled up paper for $10" GREAT CONCEPT BUDDY, Keep it up. Soon you will be serving me my dinner at the local Burger King and then you can take my Whopper wrapper and sell it on your website.


No reply to this dumb dumb.


Subject: Critics should read this!
From: The Lowers

I only have one thing to say to you and your website! CONGRADULATIONS!!! To all of the people sending in the critical hate mail to this ingenius website, think on this for a moment. This person is selling his artwork, so therefore it is a good idea! If it sells, what right do you have to dismiss it with jealous comments??? I don't see you setting up a website, creating art, and selling it, so how can you say that this person's ideas are stupid? So, to the unique creations on this website, and the artist bold enough to supply this original idea to the world, GOOD FOR YOU!!! Good luck with your product in the future, not that you will need it by the looks of things!



Subject: care for boulder...
From: Andrew from apple.com

What do you advise for the best care and maintenance of origami boulders?

Thanks for email.

Recommend security as elaborate as top secret new Apple products and software. Only Steve Jobs can know location of boulder and he must fire anyone else who tells media about. Announcement only at Mac World.

Never enough boulder available for people who want it in first six months, and boulder have slower megahertz even though paper speed of wadding actually faster.

New wadding system make boulder more resilient than ever, although not many pen yet compatible unless run in emulation mode. Many pen makers promise compatible product soon, but give no date.


Subject: a friend sent this as a joke
From: Sylvan & Cathy T
To: Ferb & Melinda L
cc: Origami Boulder

The whole concept is offensive. The faux written Japanese American accent is basically just stupid and demeaning. The underlying idea that ridicules a kind art which you are to stupid to understand simply
demonstrates ignorance on your part. This site is not funny, just sad.

Come up with something original dumb dumb....the pet rock guy beat you to it..Twenty Five years ago!!!!

Perhaps you need new friends who humorless with no taste in art like you.

Then you not get offended so much and continue with boring uneventful life and not have to fear finding beauty, originality and talent.

Origami Boulder web site with beautiful artwork much more original than "pet rock" cliche comparison artist hear ten times per day from bonehead jealous critic like you.

What you ever accomplish? Please tell so I criticize mercilessly.


Subject: you stupid japs
From: george m

Will try and sell anything and call it art.

george m
eau claire wisconsin

And people from Wisconsin try to sell everything and call it "beer" or "cheese" although it obviously neither one judging from taste.

Japan famous for quality, unlike Wisconsin.


Subject: Rules Of Economics and other tangents
From: Phil T

Supply creates it's own demand. In other words, the fact that you sell your art means that somewhere out there, someone will want it.

Also, selling paper through the mail is NOT fraud. As long as the recipient is aware of what he is receiving, willingly pays for and receives it, then the transaction is legal. Regardless of whether it is crumpled or not, or whether it is art or not, you can legally sell any piece of paper (other than money) for any price you want (dictated
by the rules of supply and demand) and it is not fraud.

Lastly, I'm an Asian-American and I think your site is great. Everyone else needs to chill out. It's obvious from pop humor that being politically correct is not politically correct.

Perhaps, one day, I will be able to purchase my own origami boulder.

Thanks for email and economic lesson. Glad to hear origami boulder artwork also follow law of economy.

Other artist draw own money and spend it, but dumb dumbs never bother him except government. http://www.jsgboggs.com/

Hope one day you become art patron in addition to fan!

Subject: USB Option
From: Tom P

I am interested in purchasing one of your beautiful origami boulders, but is it possible to order one with a USB port option? In today's technical world I believe sales of your product will dramatically increase if you add such an enhancement to your art. A good idea would be to design a microprocessor inside your origami boulder that
sends out a data stream of random haiku poetry. This option will compliment your beautiful artwork with some up to date technical advancements. If you need help with this project, please contact me. I would be happy to set up a partnership with you.


Tom P

Thanks for email.

Boulder only work with Firewire IEEE 1394. Maybe one day USB2.

RISC processor might be nice, but everyone know Motorola too slow to keep up in megahertz race, so artist stick with Intel.


Subject: your add
From: "Gregory"

were you seriouosly attempting to insult people whose world is not limited to this somewhat less than
diffucult artisitic style? Or do you merely consider yourself superior to anyone who chooses not to to waste their precious time and life creating inane forms of temporary scultpture? You must be both very young and very naive....I hope you grow up into a mature adult
someday. __________________________________________________________________gregory

Dumbs dumbs always insult artist, so artist insult back.

Maybe naive, but wise enough to know you too cheap to buy something.... I hope you grow rich enough to become art patron someday.

Subject: (no subject)
From: Bill P

You're a genius. Perhaps your site provides more than exquisite art, but inspiration to all. We should take from your site that one should pursue what makes them happy, and quite possibly it will provide more for them. Best of luck, and if I weren't a poor college student, I'd buy one of your boulders. Maybe in the future.

Best of Luck-Bill P

For every one million dumb dumbs maybe only one non-dumb dumb person understand true meaning of art and happiness.

Glad to hear from one in million, but why is one in a million usually poor person who never buy art? Tell rich friends to hurry up and buy now!


Subject: idiot
From: "Michelle S"

you are so stupid. there is no way that a balled up piece of paper would ever be considered art to any one. it is a really bad idea. and, that is not even origami-you just fucked up on something. I don't know who would want to waste their money on something so stupid. you are the "dumb dumb" asshole!

Bad words indicate lack of ability to think clearly, so no surprise that you also too stupid to understand and appreciate fine art.

You obviously only happy with velvet painting from Spencer's Gift or Nagel poster.

Don't feel bad. Not possible for everyone have good taste, so people like you must exist to buy ugly things.

Subject: Oragami Love!
From: "mylesfromhome"

I love you!! Will you Marry me? Your creative insight on the culture and art of the Japanese people compels me to learn more about my own culture (which in case you were wondering is a Swahili/Cuban/Scottish mix). You seem very nice not to mention head strong and determined just like my gran-gran (she is very nice too).
P.S. My name is not Myles.

Artist is rich "player" with no interest in settle down, but thanks for interest.


Subject: I think I love you
From: Margaret S

Dear Famous Origami Boulder Internet Artist,
Through the aether of the Internet I felt the siren call of your Origami Boulder at a rate of approximately 100Mbps on a good day when the stock market is quiet and my colleagues aren't frantically checking their portfolios. Emulating Ulysses, I attempted to resist by tying myself to the docking station of my Gateway Solo 9550 laptop, but to no avail. When at last I washed ashore at your web site, I devoured it hungrily, stopping only to change keyboards periodically when they shorted out from the abundance of salty tears I found myself weeping unashamedly into their gentle circuits. Oh, sir! Your art moves me like a Yugo on a side street! I imagine your strong, implacable hands wadding up those Origami Boulders and find myself gasping and groping blindly for my Ventolin® inhaler. I must have you! Marry me, or I will be forced to cast myself into the path between a .commie and his Starbucks.

Real fan sends naked picture of self with origami boulder sign to prove authenticity, but only if real fan is woman.

Alternatively, real fan, male or female, buy artwork.

Subject: Re: I think I love you
From: Margaret S

<blush> OK ... but just for you, Famous Origami Boulder Internet Artist darling.

This unfortunately exactly what artist expect fan who proclaim love to look like.


Subject: (no subject)
From: "Shadow king"

Your site is fucking pimp..

It also "off hook" like telephone.

Subject: Unorig(ami)nal...
From: Ric

Are you a 'Pet Wok' wannabe?

You speak of unoriginal? You probably 1,000 person to mention pet rock, idiot.

Maybe you tell Henry Ford unoriginal because horse and carriage already exist and make other similar nonsense comparison.

Only someone never have original idea in entire life have to bother accuse other of unoriginality, because true originality probably painful for you to see since you have none.

Please tell about your "original" web site or business that no one ever visit.

You probably work at "original" desk job and shuffle "original" paperwork no one care about all "original" day. Drink some free office coffee for me, dumb dumb.

Subject: In all honesty...
From: "T, Brian " <BT***@******.mil>

In all honesty, there are a lot of stupid letters here from a lot of stupid people. But, while I'm being honest, let me tell you that this is probably one of the stupidest things I've ever seen. You're site is very entertaining, but the idea is just plain stupid. Yes, it's original, but that's because most people don't have the time to create a website on which they sell a wadded piece of paper. Most people also know that if you try to sell a piece of wadded paper, you are simply wasting your time and time is money. When this letter is posted, it will only prove my statements further. You waste your time with this riduculous product because you have nothing better to do.

You have all wrong.

It is only waste of time and money for YOU to send email, because no one pay you to do it.

Plenty of people pay for Origami Boulder artwork, so web site and artwork not waste of time, money or effort.

It only waste of artist time to bother answer dumb lack of logic email. But even that not waste of time, because customer enjoy reading letter from dumb dumbs before they spend money and buy artwork. And whether believe or not, many people buy art.

Site visitors win, artist win, customers win.

Only you loser in this scenario, unfortunately.

Hopefully rest of military have more logic and reasoning ability than you since USA depend on military to defend great country.

Subject: but is it art?
From: heyoka

Dear artist,

I am surprised by the number of people who take the time to write to you and suggest you that a scrumpled piece of paper isn't art, wasn't art, and never can be art.

Perhaps they are unaware of Martin Creed, winner of the 2001 Turner Prize (the most important and most lucrative art prize in Britain). I am, of course, referring to his famous and often mentioned Work #88
which is, indeed, a crumpled piece of A4 paper. Other pieces of his work are exhibited at the Tate in London.



Thanks for email.

Once again other artist independently come up with similar art, but with different meaning. (Other person email and mention semi-famous San Francisco origami specialist who also make similar work.)

Suspect all three artist completely unaware of each other until power of Internet prove that 1) wadded paper true art and 2) nothing new under sun.

Not sure if excited or disappointed that Turner award winning artist make similar art.

Curious if more people visit Origami Boulder and know of this art than know of Creed Work No. 88.

Artist fight urge to point out difference between Creed work and Origami Boulder art. Over explain kill beauty of work, so leave work of see and understand difference to art patrons and critics.

Maybe now dumb dumbs send half of hate mail to Creed and stop bothering Origami Boulder artist so much.

Send c/o Tate Museum, dumb dumbs!

Subject: origami boulder

What in the hell is this origami boulder shit? Is it some cruel joke you play on retatrted people? You should be ashamed of yourself! I mean what idiot in his right state of mind buys some shit like this? You are a fucking moron to belive that people would but this shit. And yoy're probably not even Chinese you goffy bastard!


someone who is not stupid enough to buy this shit

Origami and haiku Japanese art forms, not Chinese.

Maybe you need to learn difference, "goffy" dumb dumb.

Subject: One hand clapping
From: Steven M F

Like your site! In your FAQ, you answered a question with the koan, "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" One hand clapping is the distortion created in the interface between the harmony of the
'hand', (the oneness of the body performing the clap), and the harmony of the oneness of the universe. One can certainly feel a 'wind' when the clap is performed. This is a result of the distortion (a chaotic state), dissipating into the background harmony. if one could perform the clap violently enough, the distortion field could cover a larger physical area and possibly then be noticeable by others. Sadly, most people maintain a distortion (chaos) 'damping' field at the edge of their harmony and wouldn't notice the clap if it smacked them directly in the face.

Go complain to Buddha, not artist.

Subject: Little help?
From: "Jeremy W" <w***@*****.edu>

I am a new fan of your art, but unfortunately I am very low on money and ethics and I was wondering, are there any good person to person origami sharing programs that you know of?


Very appropriate that email from no-ethics thief come from .edu university address, where so-called "students" steal everything from homework assignment to software and MP3 collection.

Only thing student learn in university these day is how to become dishonest corporate executive and end up in prison.

Start out by cheating for good grades on transcript. End up cheating for "good grade" on balance sheet.

Only surprise is you not write email in ridiculous text message style like "whr can I get ur product free dude!" because most student also too dumb to use whole word.


Subject: Rock-It
From: "Bo L"

Monsieur Boulder-Man,
I bought your paper rock
I put it in a sock
I gave it to my cat
Then he gave it back
He thought it was too crude
I accused him of being rude
Your work he continued to dis
He wanted an origami fish.
When my cat went to bed
I threw the origami boulder at his head.
Now my cat wants me dead.
I gave the boulder to a clerk
He threw it at me like a jerk
I told him the boulder had great cost
He told me to get lost
I e-mailed him my reply
Choke on the boulder and die!
I didn't know what to do
I was in an origami stew.
Instead of having a fit
I took the boulder and recycled it.
Moogu Doogu, Waki Taki, I liked your boulder after a bottle of Saki.
Yours Truly
The Walrus


Subject: are you, in fact, an IT person yourself?
From: Kathy M

i read through all your emails and i thoroughly enjoyed them. i did notice one consistency. you seem to have a proficient knowledge of computer hardware as well as networking. could you be an IT person? just curious.

although i wouldn't buy your product i did read your site from top to bottom - especially your responses! i feel what i did get was free online entertainment. you are very funny and witty to say the least. it's a cute idea and i imagine there might be lots of people that will appreciate origami boulders as artwork. there will also be people, like me, that simply think sites such as these are so incredibly fun to read.

good luck to you.

kathy m
senior developer

Artist is artist, not IT person. Years of deal with lazy IT person train artist to learn enough technical to avoid depend on IT department.



Steve say with enthusiasm and jump around like monkey, but artist say with frustration instead, and no dancing.


Subject: loser
From: James Brown

you ripped off a Saturday Night Live skit. They did it years ago. Why don't you sell Pet Rocks as well?

SNL steal idea from artist, along with Church Lady character, who actual friend of artist.

Artist also original inventor of haiku, so maybe go complain to Japan about that claim.

You rip off name from Godfather of Soul, so person in glass house need to avoid throw stone.

Subject: My resale of your piece!
From: "JOEY M"

My friend Monica gave me the Haiku origami boulder recently as a gift. It was "love at first sight" as they say! Un fortunately I have been having hard times financially lately.

I knew that the one hope I had at getting out from under my money burden was to sell my precious Haiku origami boulder, break my heart though it did. I used my head, and took it to a famous art gallery where it brought many thousands of dollars at a closed auction!

Thanks, Haiku origami boulder man!

If only this were true story, would make excellent testimonial and allow artist to sell hundreds more boulders because people see it increase in value.

Subject: You have a grammer problem you dumb blond.
From: stephanie g

Hey I can make ton's of what you call your "art work"

You idiot. Hey chinease people don't talk like that you know, your just a white man just doing some stupid joke, and I'm not a dumb dumb, your the dumb dumb for not having a grammer check up. you dumb dumb.

Are you by any chance this mutated homo? I bet you are when you have 3 pet rocks. What the hell is your problem? Hey I bet nobody bought your art work. Hey I can make the exact artwork as you and give it away for free. You stupid white man.

Subject: I love your cat
From: "Eugene G."

Dear sir,
I am madly in love with your cat. Could you please put your cat in famous origiami boulder and send to:
John Smith
Craphole, cleveland, ohio.
Thank you.
I will treat it as though it were lofty rice pudding. Please send. I will send you your good money sometime when ever I won't.
I have many cats. It will be in good company.
Speaking of company, I am starting Nick's Hair Origami Boulder.com, will you be offended by this business tactic called "I am rich american bastard, so I kill your small company good?"

If so, please send $9^1212121212^9 (Those are exponents if you didn't know.) This will make me richer.

This is not a drill, in fact it's a saw.
Please respond.

With love,

Ps... please poke air holes in your cat so that is can breather before send
Full Stop.


Subject: We're the same only different
From: "The Ferzal"

I have nothing better to do with my time than send critical emails to websites I have surfed to. This is my art. Every email is a conceptual masterpiece though you probably won't understand it. It is beyond most people to comprehend.

Like you I am a geniune struggling artist battling for the recognition my art form deserves. Also like you I am the best in my field. Unlike you I offer try before buy.

This email is yours to try FREE for 30 days. At the end of this trial period you must either return the email or purchase in full ($25). --

Critic with purpose indeed true artist, unlike other dumb dumbs.

Wish you much success with critical art, although see very few possibilities to convince recipient to buy.

You sort of like unpaid version of Ted L Nancy, Letter From A Nut.


Subject: you are a genius
From: "Bryan G"

So i don't know how many emails you get like this or how much money you are really making, but i think what you are doing is amazing. you seem pretty committed to keeping up the "act" if i may call it that so i don't know if you would write an email back admitting that you are really a genius for coming up with an idea like this and maybe not a "real artist"

I would love to know how well you do and how you came up with this idea. I would love to come up with a similar idea.

So whether you write me back in sincerity or post this on your website calling me an idiot, at least know that i think what you are doing is amazingly intellingent and if you really are making lots of money, i am all the more impressed.


"Idea" is dime a dozen and have no value. No scarcity of ideas on earth.

Stupid idea well implemented more successful than best idea on earth never used.


Subject: dumb dumbs
From: "Daniel M"

Do you think any of the dumb dumbs will ever figure out the real wisdom of your replies?

Artist can lead horse to water, but impossible to force drink.

Subject: you are a fake
From: "deadly_toad"

origami is the art of flat folding paper yo are mirly scruncing u fake u cannot call this origami and u are not japonies japones people dont use particals like to, and, or, to and the u can say that you balls
are real but you cannot clam them to be art because it isnot self recognition it is makeing for mass producing not art

Must admit correct.

Balls real, but not art.

Subject: Your site
From: johnm

You are a genius
Origami boulder site
Make my spirit soar

Excellent haiku
but artist would enjoy more
if you bought something


Subject: ?
From: Paintballgod42

are you just stupid ?

Everything relative. Compared to you, artist definitely genius.


Subject: A serious trading matter
From: "Nicholas R"

Dear Mr Artist,

I would like to purchase an Origami Boulder however, due to bad experiences in the past with buying things on the internet I would like to know if it would be possible to have a contact telephone number and address.

According to US and European law, it is actually an offence not to provide these details and can be considered as unlawful trading with a maximum (European), prison sentence of 5 years. I don't know what the punishment is in the US but I'm sure it is about the same.

If you could publish these details on your website, then I would know you are not a fraudulent trader and I may even be satisfied to purchase one from you. If you continue to trade without any addresses and telephone contact details, then I will be forced to report you to the relevant authorities so they can investigate the matter and prevent people from being conned. Even a PO Box address is sufficient but a telephone number is also necessary so people can verify you are not a fictitious seller.

I'm not accusing you of fraud at this point with a product of this sort, one has to be careful about it. Hopefully, your a perfectly honest person selling exactly what you advertise but until your true contact details are published, then I have to assume you are a rogue.


Person who assume make ASS out of U and ME.

PayPal offer chargeback protection, and Euro law (especially fake law person like you make up) not apply to sovereign USA nation. PayPal already verify address and phone number anyway.

Please report so-called violation to everyone. Artist recommend write letter to editor of major European newspapers and magazines to draw more attention to art. File big lawsuit too, so artist appear on CNN and BBC.

Feel sorry for person who afraid take US$10 risk, which probably same cost as half pint ale or small portion spotted dick in UK.

Person who complain and accuse at beginning only complain more and make more idle threat later, so artist not accept your order.

Subject: LMFAO
From: "Angela"

Dude you're so fucking pathetic, you make me laugh. anyone that would buy that shit, has gotta have no life what-so-fuckin-ever. WASTING $10 on a piece of wadded up fuckin paper. WOW. So who taught you how to wadd paper? That hasta be such a HARD thing to learn, LMFAOROTF. God this is such a ridiculous website...and yes I feel better. BTW, Eminem is something you'll never be, famous, rich and hot. Besides being a GREAT rapper. Do you ever make them with spit? So ppl can shoot them from a big ole' straw?

If you have one shot, one opportunity, would you take it or just send annoying email instead and let it slip?

Artist recommend you go clean out closet and stop worry about fine art you not understand.


Subject: Neat Idea!
From: Lauren F <****biotch@*****.ca>

neat idea. you set this site up to be able go get wierd hate mail...I LIKE IT! Cool, what do you think I
should pretend to sell? Maybe I'll make me sell half eaten sausages, and pretend to be a German lady
selling art! Visit my site soon, i'll give you a shout!

Good idea, but everyone know person in Canada never actually finish anything except long winded complain editorials about USA.

Create web site actually involve work, unlike sending complain email.

Maybe ask government to build site for you since Canada person always think government and high taxes so great.

Subject: i dont understand
From: "Jennifer"

Heyi get the fact that your all about making money but i really think that if you wnat people not to ruin your art work that you shouldnt write the poem on the inside.I will buy one if i get a poem that is cute...not like the one you have a your site just bc i think it would a funny ass gift.. Thanks

Haiku not about pony, rainbow or Brad Pitt, so you probably not think "cute" and artist recommend you not order.

Not able to read haiku part of art. Joy and mystery of not know what inside part of what make artwork profound, not "cute poem."

Subject: feedback
From: *****@gaiam.com>

The founder / creator of this site could use a reality check and some respect for their customers and the general public. I would never buy from someone who puts others down!

Artist not tell you how to do yoga, so please refrain from tell artist how to make and sell art.

New Age person never spend money anyway except for crystals and stinky incense, so not relevant if site offend you.

Subject: (no subject)
From: "Ally"

Dear Origami Boulder Master,
I am 12 years old and I am interested in pursuing a fulfilling career as an Origami Boulder artist. I used to want to be a Disney imagineer, but not anymore after seeing your site. What training is best to become an Origami Boulder artist? What classes should I take in school? Will you be hiring in about nine years?

Your potential disciple (or employee),


Thanks for email.

Happy to see young person inspire by site and artwork, but recommend stick with Disney as career goal.

Life of Origami Boulder artist difficult, and fill with insult from dumb dumbs.

Disney have better pay and benefit, and potential to see secret cryogenic frozen head of Walt.

Subject: beautiful sculpture worth big $$
From: Gaia

Dear Origami-boulder-builder,
I am an art history major, and while going over some things on the net I noticed your beautiful website. I felt an immediate urge to email you and tell you how intrinsically beautiful your origami boulders are, and well worth the value and most inexpensive price you place on them. In fact, I think you should charge more, and this is why: recently, at an art show in New York, I believe someone exhibited a piece of work that was just a dead fly in a styrofoam cup--this piece sold for over a million dollars. Your work is far more intrinsically and artistically valuable because, you see, you as the artist have actually "touched" and "formed" the materials yourself--the guy who sold his work at over one million never even touched the fly or the styrofoam cup--it just happened. While "fly-in-cup?!?"' may be a form of performance art--the fly performed death in the cup--your art is far more beautiful and personal because you--the artist--actually take the time to work the material-the paper-and wad it up into a boulder yourself. And a very beautiful boulder also. This is truly affordable artwork for only 10-25 dollars a sculpture. But I think your undercutting yourself Origami boulder builder, because you are personally involved in your work, I think it could go for far more than a million!!! Try it and see--I would advise marketing to some of the upscale art museums in the Northeastern U.S.
-Love, peace and Origami,
from a Beautiful Art Babe-

Better to fill many heart with happiness at low price than only sell one boulder for love of money.

However, perhaps also make million dollar Origami Flypaper Boulder for person who like dead fly art so much. Art increase in value as more fly find and stick to work. Everyone win. Except fly.

Subject: The Science of OrigamiBoulder
From: Ken <*****@.nasa.gov>

Dear Artist,

I don't know much about art, but I know what I like. I like your art and website.

I am a Technologist. Over the years, I have been attempting to develop a more artistic side to my nature in hopes of balancing the engineering and technical side. I am not good at music, or painting,
or sculpture (which I consider your OrigamiBoulder to be), or any form of art. But I do appreciate the broad diversity and creativity of the Artist. If the average technologist could learn to be more artistic
then I believe that engineering and the sciences would benefit greatly.

Throughout time, the best Scientists have always exhibited the passions of the Artist.

Albert Einstein said that creativity is more important than knowledge. There can be no doubt that the marriage of the two (knowledge and creativity) yield outstanding results.

Now, here is a science link describing the "Incredible Power of Crumpled Paper"


Also see mrsec.uchicago. edu/Nuggets/Crumpling/index.html
and mrsec. uchicago.edu/Nuggets/ Crumpling2/index.html.

Good Luck too you,


Thanks for email and article link.

Slightly sad, but also somehow reassure that person from NASA consider more engineer and technical than artist.

Science also require great creativity. Agree about great scientist have passion -- like Archimedes who run around naked and yell in street.

Good to have both type of person in world.

Subject: Origami Boulder
From: "Charlotte S"

Dear Mr. Origami Boulder Artist

I am an Assistant Curator of Art at a Museum in Australia. We in the Art Section here are very excited about your Origami Boulder work. The social metaphors of production, life and death are so powerful and so cleverly interlaced with comments on the art world at large. Yet you have managed to condense this all down to the simple symbol of a wad of paper, and an internet sales site. Your decision to work as an 'internet artist' and especially your new work dealing with 'performance pieces' reminds one of the postmodern philosopher Baudrillard and his philosopy on the processes of 'simulacra'. Did you use by any chance as your influence his 'Symbolic Exchange and Death' (1976)?

Charlotte S
Assistant Curator of Art

As artist write on front page of site, "Site is real, artwork is real. You order origami boulder and it comes in mail and you enjoy it."

Artist choose word carefully and write real. Not hyperreal.

Art work made from real paper, and deliver by real postal service in exchange for real money.

Insults on other hand, probably indeed hyperreal and blur line between authentic outrage and what dumb dumb wrongly imagine intelligent person to think about meaning and value of "real" art.

What real (not hyperreal) artwork symbolize something best decide by critic and patron rather than boringly spell out by artist and ruin room for interpretation.

Please tell other curator colleagues about Origami Boulder and ask them arrange for museum display. Then dumb dumb outrage turn from hyperreal online electronic representation to real anger in physical world. (Or maybe museum become hyperreal in choice of real art.)

Subject: what you do? PHYSYCO!!!!!!
From: "Steve M"

hey i think your a phsyco and i think you should get a life because if someone wants crumbled paper then they could just crumble some paper up istead of paying $10 + shipping and handling you moron now take advice of mine and get it in your head...GET...A...LIFE..., YOU PHSYCO!

Site sell art, not "crumbled paper." Please learn difference, dumb dumb. Then buy something and stop complain all the time.

Subject: Boulderdash
From: AbnerM

Your work is so reminiscent of that of Yoko Ono.
Are you a member of the Fluxus Movement?
Are you in fact Yoko Ono?

Will you accept a trade rather than money for one of your boulders?

Artist sing better than Yoko Ono.

Origami Boulder definitely not part of Fluxus movement, because artwork true and not prank or "anti-art."

Trade perfectly okay. Artist accept diamonds, books of US $20 stamps and gold Krugerands in addition to cash payment option. Also accept original handmade Boggs bill, or Jeff Scott original Elvis artwork such as "Identity."

Manufacturing artist who invent Shitbegone (http://shitbegone.com/) once trade case of TP for origami boulder.

Subject: The only good thing
From: Tabatha C

The only good thing about your site is the funny insults people write to you.

I only come to your site to read them and purposely skip the home page with the pathetic "art" on it.
How sad you are...


Thanks for email.

Type of person who love insults so much probably also choose violent boyfriend or husband who beat you constantly. Artist truly feel sorry for such person.

As audience member often tell Jerry Springer, "If you can't love yourself you can't love no one else. Know what I'm sayin'?"

Please learn to love self, and then you eventually learn to appreciate art.

Subject: Orgami Boulder??
From: Scot L

Orgami Boulder??
How do I start my own trendy business idea?

Spend less time dreaming, more time working.

Subject: dude, farout, totally!!!
From: Dr ZeeBeeDee

Dude, your boulders are like totally far out there, dude, totally, like, out there. Dude. Whoa. Totally. Out there. Dude, out there so totally dude. There dude, out. Dude, totally! This dude is totally, like, out there. And, dude, it\'s totally, just there. Dude? Totally!!

Out there,





Click on graphic to link to cartoonist site.


Subject: Dada
From: Nancy S

Are you Dada? If not, what is your art philosophy?

Not Dada. Also not Mama.


Subject: Velvet Paintings
From: Ric B

Don't knock velvet paintings. Art is art, whatever the form.

Velvet painting only art if picture of Elvis, Jesus, or dog play poker.

Otherwise, not art.

Subject: Business Ethics
From: "Matt and Chris"

Before you respond to this e-mail and/or anyone else's e-mail you should take a business management course at the local college. You could learn a lot from it. For instance, no matter what anyone says to you, be nice to them, they may be a future customer of yours someday. Don't stoop down to their level and insult people. What you say and/or do reflects your business and the way it operates. Basically, I am just saying that you should learn the basics on operating a business. Even if it is just art, it is still business, you make money from it right? Hope you follow my advise!

P.S. Not to insult you, but you said your business is located in the United States right? According to the copyright since 2002. That is plenty of time to learn how to speak accurate English, as well as write it. Don't mean to offend you or anything.

Also, I would like to voice my opinion on one of your responses. The Subject: stupid From: Wendy H N I am going to quota a line from your reply, "I don't ask if customers male, female, Indian, African, Mexican or homo, because it irrelevant."

The word "homo" can stand for many different things. However, you are referring to Homosexuality. The word "homo" is considered racist, and I am very offended by it.

Very sorry to offend you or any other members of your homosexual race.

Subject: Origamiboulder production outsourced?
From: <drakula@*****.net>

Dear origamiboulder,

As US jobs are being outsourced to India and other countries, especially in the IT field, are you concerned your job could also be outsourced or that your market could be taken over by a company who outsources the work to India?


Artist owner and manager, not employee. No worry about management job go to India.

However, artist consider every day if possible outsource potential IT work to India or Russia to avoid lazy American IT "workers" who only complain about bad economy, read other employee private email and play Quake all day.

Hopeful that India and Russia soon also offer design work, as graphic designer only type of person lazier with more self-important attitude than IT person.


Subject: Origami Boulder Email
From: <klemlang@********.com>

Dear Artist:

I hesitated to write you with dumb dumb email, but hoping this will not be considered as such. Here is the reason I write.

I wanted to let you know sooner this that I had received my order for Wadded Paper Origami Bolder with Haiku and Bamboo Stand, however, I initially ignored the package that you sent. You see, I had ordered CDs from Amazon shortly after I had placed my order with you. When your package arrived, I assumed that it was the Amazon CD package and tossed it aside because I wasn't in the mood to listen to my new CDs (good thing your packaging was impeccable). Later, when the real Amazon package arrived, I realized that I should open the mystery package i.e., your package. Well, with all good intentions aside, I got distracted and didn't.

However, just this Saturday, I was listening to one of my new CDs from Amazon (ironically the sound track from Lost in Translation) when I remember that I had tossed that mystery package aside. I immediately went seeking this package and when I found it, I cleverly looked at the return address "Artist" from Dallas and recalled what it was. (Now why I didn't realized in the first place that it wasn't an Amazon marked box is beyond me. Maybe I am a dumb dumb.)

Anyway, I love the piece and can't wait to give it to my sister on her birthday in May. Good thing I ordered in advance. By the way, she loves to do traditional origami and mess round with paper in general. I'm sure that she will love my gift.

I love your site, wit, and art. I forward your site to all who can appreciate.

Your fan,


Thanks for purchase!


Subject: Origami Boulder Email
From: <dsilverdragon@**.com>

I think your art goes beyond the origami boulder. I beleive your responses to these "Letters From Dumb Dumb" are great. You have an awesome grasp on knowledge. Congratulations on your endeavor and good luck in the future.


Good point. Maybe someone now pay for art beyond origami boulder. Must decide how much cost!


Subject: Origami Boulder Email
From: <myag@**.ca>

I wanted to ask you about the process of making this Origami Boulder art. In creating a piece of Origami Boulder art, what is your purpose for creating this art? Usually when an artist creates something, their artwork stirs some kind of emotions that stirs the artist and hopefully the viewer as well (my definition of art
anyhow). Anyway, I was just curious, and since you seem genuinely passionate about your art, I hope you do well!

Artist inspire by mock country of Canada, and pretend to wad up sheet music with Oh Canada on it each time make art.

Subject: no subject
From: jeetendra l <......@hotmail.com>

i think ur making people fool by selling and marketing a foolish thing this is not an idea this is damn fool thing i have ever heard in my life, ur a dumb ass and i am sure those who buyt ur products are also as dumb as ur

Ur, what?


Subject: Origami Boulder Email
From: amanda******@mail.utexas.edu >

Has anyone ever compared you with Carl Andre?

University of Texas at Austin
School of Architecture
Office of the Dean

No, but sometimes person compare artist to Andre the Giant, only smaller.

Subject: Origami Boulder Email
From: E Perez

We make a living by what we earn---we make a life by what we give.


Recommend make life better by give something to artist. Like money.

Then artist make life better by give artwork in return.

Subject: Question
From: Gary W

Ok, Mister Origami man. I have a little entry here, where you say one thing and then say another. So here it is....

A message sent in by Elizabeth, you said...."Art not about "value" but about beauty" pretty good observation but on the front page you said...."I am famous Internet artist, so original wadded paper origami art become VERY VALUABLE some day." Now, which one is it?

And why didn't you answer Stephanie G about being a mutated homo or that she could make the wadded paper boulder and give it away for free? Or why didn't you answer Eugene G about wanting your cat? And then seeing that "James Brown" figured you out about stealing the idea from an SNL skit, it can be concluded that your nothing but a poor, out of work, single, ance covered, retard who has way too much time on his hands to put something together that is this stupid. Not mention, your probably one of those white guys who "thinks" he can talk like every race in the damn world and your probably the worst i've ever seen. So, put this one on your site geek, that is unless you don't have the balls dumb dumb!

Life full of contradictions.

Artist often say something and then say another thing.

This is part when artist say, "Buy something or go away, mutated homo cat lover."


Subject: Great !!
From: Andrew C

Appreciation of a piece of art is very subjective. All products of human creativity should be respected. We have a saying in our language which means just that - "Mur saqqi il-hass tal-Marsa siehbi b'min minghalik qed titmejjel"

Artist not speak Klingon, but appreciate kind email.


Subject: ripoff
From: Andrew C

Imaging what you just sold. You just sold a piece of paper, wadded up, for $10. Okay, let's see how much it should really cost. Piece of paper= <5 cents effort(I just picked up a random piece of paper and crumpled it up while typing and made a "origami boulder" in 10 seconds. Therefore, if you hopothetically expected $20 per hour...) =about 6 cents

also, you offer a haiku option, which costs $5 more. Since you can't uncrumple the paper because you'll ruin the artwork, anything could be written on there. It could be total BS and probably is. The fact that
a crumpled up paper with BS on it costs $5 more than a normal crumpled up piece of paper is just ridiculous.

I also took the time to read your site. You fake grammar mistakes that you think someone of Japanese decent would use. I find that terribly insulting, more so than the other people in their right minds who
emailed you because I am Japanese. Also, the bamboo display is an additional $14. It looks like you bought it at K-mart for 50 cents.

I also observed that you did not answer some of the people's emails with direct rebuttals. You seemed to go around the initial argument and refute something else

I am 13, and being in the US for 1 year, can still write better than you. Show how much of a fake you are.

Now there's something for you to think about.


Picasso paint artwork with $10 worth of paint on $5 canvas. So Picasso painting only worth $15? Obvious answer no.

Congratulations on good writing, but still have much to learn about art and economic.

.Subject: You're an Idiot
From: Brian M

This has to be the stupidest attempt to get money I have ever seen or heard of. Did you're mom drop you when you were a child? I mean the people who sit on the side of the road with signs begging for money and acting like they are poor, even though they are not, are at least doing something to get money. While you take a piece of paper and crumple it up and call it art that is not art. I am an artist musically and lyrically you're just lazy. Well at least you're making money so I'll leave you be. Well you claim to be making money.

To sit on side of road with sign is do something, but to make art is not?

All people who sit on side of road not really poor? Artist never know this until now.

What famous song you ever write, Mr. Musically and Lyrically Arist?

If someone write song that no one ever hear or sing, is this art?

Your "art" more like tree in forest that not make sound, or sound of one hand clapping.

.Subject: Re: Oh hell no...
From: Ashley T

"New Age person never spend money anyway except for crystals and stinky incense, so not relevant if site offend you."

Man, you have got to be the most UNINTELLIGENT person I have ever seen. Yes, your art may be original and cool, but who the fuck would want to buy shit from you if you're going to insult people like this? I happen to belong to a New Age religion myself and find this EXTREMELY offensive. If you have a problem with religions other than your own, please, share them with me so that I may share with you the first amendment. FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

Also, being an artist myself, I find it offensive that you also seem only to be concerned about making money off of a wadded piece of paper. I can easily make a wadded piece of paper look pretty-- AND GIVE IT AWAY FREE!

Here's a little saying for you to contemplate (or think about, if you don't have a dictionary handy): An artist takes criticism and throws it back, a TRUE artist takes criticism to the heart and improves with it.

Please use freedom of religion to pray to New Age Crystal Hippy God, and light stinky hemp candle for unenlighten artist so that artist improve one day.

Perhaps also bang drum and channel trance for artist too, if appropriate.

Artist think first amendment come before third amendment anyway. This why it called FIRST.

Have fun with give away pretty hippy boulder. Perhaps draw flower and smiley face on it too.

PS Tell Wicca that artist say hello!

Subject: Re: Re: Oh hell no...
From: Ashley T

First off, I am NOT Wicca, and Wicca is not a person dumbass, it's a religion. Second, people belonging to New Age religions are NOT HIPPIES YOU COCK-SUCKING ASSWIPE! I swear, you are the WORST person I have ever met, AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU! Get a fucking life before it gets scared and runs off.
May the Goddess continue to bring you good cheer and spirit, Blessed be!

Thanks for explain about New Age religion. Sorry for mistake. Please tell Goddess to continue bless cock sucking asswipe Wicca hippies and all crystals and hemp.


Subject: The philosophy of your art.
From: "Scott" <******@VANDERBILT.EDU>

I have a friend who is writing her philosophy dissertation on forms of art which don't seem to fit into ordinary artistic categories and aesthetic norms. I will recommend your site and your work to her. But let me ask you, since I know she'll be interested: Do you consider yourself an avante-garde artist? Is your art revolutionary? Can one fight terrorism with art, indeed, with your art?

thanks for your time,
Scott Z.

Philosophy Department
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN 37240

Critics label. Artists make art.

Subject: re: The philosophy of your art.
From: "Scott" <******@VANDERBILT.EDU>

And a critic can't be artistic in his or her criticism? After all, you admit regularly in your email responses that learning a language is difficult. And in what sense is learning a language (including the language of the well-perceiving critic) not like learning an art? And it also seems that in your email responses you are often critical, which means that the line you draw between art and critique may not be so bold.

i say this respectfully and, i hope, artistically, but please do not simply crumple up what I say and throw it in the wastebasket.

Scott Z.

All artist see is blah blah blah blah from email. Many words but say nothing.

Perhaps big fancy complicate sentence with no meaning impress person at university, so recommend go for Ph.D.

Next, sit around with other Ph.D and talk meaningless word to each other all day and laugh and smile about how smarter than other poor non-Ph.D idiots who not understand big words and complicate sentences.

Meanwhile, tell lazy friend write own dissertation and stop ask artist to write for her.

Subject: re: re: The philosophy of your art.
From: "Scott" <******@VANDERBILT.EDU>

Dear Origami-boulder artist,

Best of luck learning how to understand words aesthetically.


Subject: Your Origami Boulder Website
From: D Hunt

*Please* have someone proof read your site to help make sense of it. If this is truly the way you speak then I suggest you ask for some help with forming coherent, grammatically correct sentences.
If, on the other hand you're trying to be 'funny' by speaking in broken English, it is NOT funny.
You're perpetuating an Asian stereotype and should be ashamed of yourself.
I will personally help you fix the site if you need it. Let me know.
Otherwise, if this is your idea of funny I'll be forwarding your site and all your information to the Asian Defamation League who will have a field day with this. They love to make an example of website's like yours and make things very difficult for you by contacting your ISP and hosting company in
an attempt to have you shut down.

I look forward to hearing from you
D Hunt

You think Asian person not capable of write good enough web site without white person "fix" it?

You racist dumb dumb!

I call Defecation League about you!

Subject: Re: Your Origami Boulder Website
From: D Hunt

Here, let me correct that for you...

Do you think an Asian person isn't capable of writing well enough without having a white person "fix" it?

You racist dumb dumb!

I'll call the Defamation League about you!

SOME Asian people are capable of writing correctly. You're not one of them. I never said anywhere in my email that a white person should fix your mistakes, ANY capable person will do.

And thank you for proving my point with your nonsense response. It's clear that you're going for the laughs here. You know exactly what you're doing and it's obvious that you see nothing wrong with it. That's sad.

I'll bet that when your website is shut down you'll be speaking very differently.

Thank you for response. Artist understand better now.

1. Asian person not allowed "go for laughs" unless non-Asian or Defecation League approve.

2. Asian person must have white person or other non-Asian fix all sentence that Asian person say for extra clearness, because Asian person not "capable".

3. Asian person not allowed free of speech unless approve by non-Asian.

4. All speech must fit guideline that non-Asian decide, because Asian too dumb and not "capable" of know good or bad or clear or unclear or funny or unfunny or art or not art.

5. If non-Asian person disapprove web site about art that relate to Asia culture, web site must shut down.

Maybe you too dumb to understand web site about art and not about writing. So artist explain in big letters because unfortunate that no non-Asian person available to help make clear and approve speech.


Subject: Origami Boulder Email
From: "T D" <tnp_phan00@***.com>

Hey stupid, your lame insults to other emails r crap, and this website is crap. Also wutever emails that were sent to u saying that this website is actually "good", well u may be stupid to even notice that those "good" emails that you have receive are insults as well. Look, an artist is sumone who is talented and uses a virtue of imagination to creat works of aesthitic value. You, for one is an artist i'd say, yet a untalented artist who sees everything such as a piece of paper as art. Your art is not even valuable, and is an insult to artist and their arts everywhere. You sir are an insult to the people in japan. Your lame accent r pretty funny, cuz i'm laughing at you, not with you. Again, i still belive this website is stupid, and u stated that the website is real...fine i believe u, but its stupid, cuz anyone could do that same shit that u do. If you're considering urself to b a good artist and is serious about art, HA then i'll conserder anyone who have drawn, colored paint, etc. a good artist. Also ur artwork suckls balls cuz even a baby can beat you using finger paint. You say people who don't buy ur crappy art are too cheap?! well if you think we're so cheap, look at urself. It is cheap to be selling artwork over the internet. If u believe ur artwork is good, or consider it to the very good, why don't you sell it at an art expo. OH WAIT!, you can't, cuz all the artist there will Laugh at ur piece fo shit! It is truely sad to sell this junk over the internet, cuz i do believe u have no life. You call other people "Dumb Dumb" well look at urself! you're a dumbass for selling piece of shit over the internet, ur a dumbass to insult others, ur a dumbass to even write or make a website about this. Hey bitch, people will never buy papers that r made like that....they'll buy papers that r valuble! n ur's will never be. I do believe you'll never have a life, a job, and u live with ur parents. HAHAHAH i laugh at you. the only thing i'm writing this to you is to show how doumb ur website really is.

Damn. Artist hate it when get beat by baby. Is baby available for teach how to get into art expo or how to make valuable paper?


Subject: Origami Boulder Email
From: "Robb C" <rsc@*******.gov>

My Jap friend sent me the link to your site and we agree its freaking brilliant.

I find it incredibly fascinating how such a straightforward and innocuous endeavor could become such a lightning rod for such rabid viturpitude about art, commerce, elitism, racism, political correctness,
and humor. Did you intentionally set out to inflame all these sensitive spots or was that just a happy accident? Either way, well done!

I'm still not buying one though, as I have no appreciation for great art, especially all that transcendental oriental stuff.

Maybe you or "Jap" friend tell Spic, Wop, Chink, Cracker or Polock buddy and one of them buy something instead.



You buy now.


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